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Arranging the funeral

Every aspect of the funeral is a personal reflection of the individual that we have the privilege to serve; and the family and friends that share the process. Like all major life events, the ceremonial aspects of the funeral are fundamental to the memory that is created, that’s why attention to detail, organising the different requirements, and managing the day in the best possible way, together with you, is a critical part of what we do.



Wherever it is, we suggest you consider the realities of transport, parking, accommodation, facilities, and accessibility for your loved ones to share the experience.



Our award winning chapel has been designed to provide world class acoustics and leading edge technology that enables friends and family from around the world to join you on the day.

We can assist you to design and produce your own unique presentation or slide show, compile a selection of music from our significant library of resources, and record the entire ceremony in order to provide remembrance DVDs for those who are unable to join us.

Connect via the web


Connect friends and family around the world to join you on the day. Please discuss this with us if you would like to have this available on the day. We require some notice to ensure that we can liaise with the intended overseas guests and test the connection before the funeral.

Designing the service and ceremony


Designing and crafting a service that reflects the individual, their life, family, friends, career, hobbies achievements and how they made a difference in your lives are all key aspects of the service, as are the music, the flowers, the booklets, photos and presentations.

Every piece brings together a unique blend of people’s memories and gifts that have been shared, knowledge or funny events that will stay in people’s hearts and minds for the years to come.

Your funeral director will work with you to design and develop the right service/ceremony that bring all the different dimensions together in a personal and tailored presentation for the day.

We are able to provide an organist, sound system, video or audio recording, closed circuit video system, and catering.

Celebrant, leader, minister, MC


The funeral service/ceremony is led by a trusted advisor, friend, colleague, or spiritual leader. Whatever your walk of life, personal preferences or idea, we have a number of dedicated and professional funeral celebrants, ministers and funeral directors who are well qualified to lead the service on the day.

Please ensure that you discuss the needs and plans with your funeral director and together we will work with you to find the best fit for your individual needs.

Theming – music, flowers and the senses


Music, flowers and colours all add a unique contribution to creating lasting impression and a deeper connectivity to your loved one and the remembrance of their loves and passions.

Flowers on casket

Creating a stunning beautiful, practical reflection of the person it was crafted especially for.

Where possible Twentymans are committed to including local businesses, artists and crafters and are delighted that we can provide stunning floral arrangements and accessories for the service in association with Barbara Hartley – Flowers by Barbara.

A florist of significant experience and expertise, Barbara works with our funeral directors to design and develop the right arrangement for you or your loved one creating a visual story of their loves and passions. Whether it’s through the inclusion of colour, their favourite flowers, favourite lollies, insects, personal items, hobbies or crafts, or you are looking for something native or a bit more masculine, or no flowers at all – Barbara will tailor and create a stunning casket spray to reflect those needs.

Naturally the choice of flowers or materials may be seasonally dependant, but together we work through the most appropriate option for the time of year, budget and personal taste.



We have a world class acoustic chapel that provides one of the best possible environments for music, musicians or the inclusion of simple background music that adds its own unique dimension to the service. Please feel free to include live music or discuss with your funeral director to arrange access to our significant library of music available for you to choose from for the service.

Remembrance booklets


A short overview of the ceremony helps people focus and lead themselves through the service. It provides a snapshot of the life of the loved one being celebrated. Our team will help you to draft, write and create a token of memory for inclusion on the day. This also usually includes copies of poems to be read, songs to be sung, or other personalised items that are part of the ceremony and enable everyone to participate and feel included.

Remembrance DVDs


We are happy to provide copies of the ceremony on DVD for those that are unable to attend personally.



We are dedicated to providing the highest level of respect, dignity and privacy for those we serve, and this includes fully enclosed hearses and vehicles that enable us to move seamlessly through the community. For those who prefer something ‘different’ we have some ‘one of a kind’ vehicles in our fleet.



The selection of a casket is personal to the individual we are serving, and serves as a showcasing of them and their personal taste and preferences.

We carry one of the largest and most diverse range of caskets available – expressly to provide the most appropriate option for you or your loved one.

Our casket range includes:

Solid timber, mahogany, rosewood, recycled timber, fully painted, veneered, bamboo, wicker, ply and other economy options if you prefer.

For the more creative individual you can choose picture caskets that showcase any image that you choose from landscapes to complete collage of images of your loved ones life.

Prices vary depending on the selection, construction material and finish so please speak with your funeral director to make the right choice for you.

Feel free to visit our showroom to view the range of caskets available. If there is something specific you would like, we would be happy to find it for you.

Our range of caskets

Urns, bowls and tubes


Following a cremation, the ashes are contained in a receptacle provided by the crematorium. You are welcome to transfer the ashes to an urn that is more in keeping with your sense of occasion, style or personal preferences.

In some instances we are able to offer matching caskets and urns that provide a seamless transition from one to the other. We can collect the ashes for you and retain them for up to 3 months while you decide what you would like to do with them.

After this time, we will write to you to seek further instructions. Whether you decide to scatter them, bury them in a plot, or a special place we can help you make the right selection for the occasion.